Every week I scroll through YouTube's latest uploads pertaining to the city of Twin Falls, and I often find some great videos shared by locals. A new one I came across Monday has some beautiful images of Twin Falls.

This week's upload is from the channel of a Melker Karlsson, which also happens to be the name of a current Swedish hockey player who plays with the San Jose Sharks. Karlsson's May 10, 2020, video captures some nice images of the city.

The production is also set to the song, "Moving in Stereo," by The Cars, which as far as songs go, you could do a lot worse. Fans of the movie "Fast times at Ridgemont High," will recognize the song as the intro to the famous pool exit scene by actress Phoebe Cates, in which she removes her bikini top in a sultry, slow-motion sequence. It's a legendary scene, and one I hit the pause button on many times in my teens...okay, I still do.

The 4:47 video includes some shots of the construction of Downtown Commons, the Snake River, Shoshone Falls, and other random landmarks. To date it has one view, which was mine. It's still a pretty well edited creation that does have some worthwhile stills in it.

The title, "We Built This City," makes me wonder if the person responsible for it named it after the wrong recording. That's a "Starship" song. Anyway, nice job with this one Melker.

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