Each week during Repeat It Or Delete It Season Three, I’m featuring local/regional bands/musicians. This week, lets meet the band Obscure Throne.  This is a five-member band full of a bunch of Idaho-raised country boys who love metal!

Obscure Throne

Every year during Repeat It Or Delete It I get to cram a bunch of band members, their girlfriends, and just their friends into a studio.  There's always like ten people just starring at myself and one unlucky band member who was chosen to talk.  I think it's fun, but it's probably a bit strange to just talk to a stranger with a big ass microphone in your face.

However, Tyler rocked it.  He did a great job answering my lighting round questions:

As for Obscure Throne's music, well if you like it hard, you'll like what they've got.  On week one of Repeat It Or Delete It, Obscure Throne is playing their own music.  It's Called "History Of War":

Now the way it works is, bands submit their music and either I pick the song or they pick it.  Obscure Throne gave me their EP "Demon In The Basement" and I listened to the whole thing.  It's all really great,but there was just something about "History Of War" that made me want to hear it again.  That's why I chose to play that song and they agreed.

What's that you want more Obscure Throne?  You can get during Week One of Repeat It Or Delete It when Obscure Throne takes on Paul Castronova.

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