During Season Three of Repeat It Or Delete It, you witnessed eighteen local and regional bands.  Some of which you've never heard before, most of which have never had their music played on the radio.

I don't know if any of these bands will become world renowned musicians, selling out multimillion dollar venues, but I do know they got to share their craft with you.  And if I've learned anything from Season Three of Repeat It Or Delete It (other than tequila is a form of energy drink for musicians), I've learned that these bands just want to play and share their music.  And that they did.

OK, lets get to it.  This past week (Week Seventeen) it was Repeats The Barking Owls VS Reveeler.  The winner for this week and this season is The Barking Owls!

The Barking Owls

Your repeat won this past week with 81.43% of the votes.  This time around we had people voting in the UK, Singapore, and the US!  You repeated theses guys for nine weeks in a row.  A new Repeat It Or Delete It record.

Congrats to The Barking Owls!  A very well deserved win!  Their song will be repeated this Wednesday night at 7PM after the BSU Football Coach's Show at 6PM.

What about Repeat It Or Delete It next year?  Hell yeah!  For now, lets just get through the holidays first.  I will be soliciting for new band submissions next summer.

Thank you for supporting local music! And thank you to all the bands on Repeat It Or Delete It!

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