A Utah inmate who has been on death row for more than three decades will soon face his chosen method of death, which was to be on the receiving end of the barrels of multiple sharp shooters.

Ron Lafferty, 77, was convicted in 1984 of murdering his sister-in-law and her daughter. Lafferty chose the method of death by firing squad over lethal injection after his conviction. This week, an appeal by Lafferty to have his original execution request reversed, was shot down in a court room, according to a report by idahonews.com.

In case you're like me and you are thinking, death by firing squad, I didn't think they still did that. Like me, you'd be wrong. Inmates in three state still have the option of being human target practice as a means to an end. Oklahoma, Mississippi and Utah will still gladly oblige any prisoner who selects multiple rounds to the head and heart over other forms, according to deathpenalyinfo.org.

Idaho banned death by firing squad in 2009. Since 1976, Idaho has executed three inmates only. New Hampshire, Delaware and Washington still carry out hangings.

Lafferty's appeal to abort his previous choice of death was denied this week by the United States Court of Appeals 10th Circuit. His reason for wanting to not be put to death by gunfire is because he feels this method has the potential to cause "unnecessary pain." Let's all try to collectively hold our tongues now.






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