Warning: A Biden presidency and his party taking both Houses of Congress could result in massive new costs for electricity.  Because they would likely work to remove the dams on the Lower Snake River and throughout the Columbia River Basin.  To appease environmentalists.

The liberals claim the eco-system is harmed as long as the dams exist

The granola gobbling, Prius driving, tree hugging left is in high dudgeon after a current government recommendation to keep the system of dams in place.  These man-made structures allow for some of the most reliable and inexpensive power in the nation.  Also, it serves agriculture by safeguarding a water supply for irrigation.

The liberals claim the eco-system is harmed as long as the dams exist and warn some species of fish (especially salmon) are endangered by the power projects.

When I posted a story about this on my personal Facebook page, I had a response from a member of my listening audience.  Mike McFadyen is an engineer and has worked on projects involving dams, rivers, wetlands and oil rigs.  He shared the dirty little secret.  We may have more available fish than before the dams were constructed.

Other members of my audience have cited issues with fish stocks and in some cases blame seals gobbling up returning salmon at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean.  Mike reminds us of another threat.  Foreign trawlers are scooping up massive amounts of fish not far from our western shore.

I invited him to share his story on-air.  You can hear our conversation by clicking on the YouTube video below.  Mike was under a non-disclosure order for a time related to a project he worked on nearly 40 years ago but he could talk at length about more current concerns.

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