We all get the impulse from time to time (some A LOT more than others) to hit up the local fast-food burger spot for various reasons. Many in Twin Falls may find what I'm about to tell you hard to believe, but those flesh-covered beings wearing headsets and taking orders all day are life forms much like yourself.

If there's one type of person I can't stand and consider the scum of the Earth, it's the angry, entitled, sad little person who treats fast-food workers like personal slaves. If a person forgetting your straw or your request for no pickles angers you to the point where you resort to insults, then you deserve your worst fears to gang up on you and terrorize you for the rest of your life.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. EVERYONE should know what it's like to work in a position where you take orders from strangers for eight to 10 straight hours a day. Rude customers are the real scourge of society. Your hunger for an extra-large, SUPER-SIZED EVERYTHING is your problem, so don't make it the problem of that kid saving up for a car or that parent trying to make ends meet.

(WARNING: Video contains a few naughty words)

One of the inspirations for this story was a post I read on a local Facebook site dedicated to southern Idaho living. An area fast-food service employee wrote about the despicable treatment received from people who believe their growling bellies give them the right to unleash a verbal blitzkrieg on a stranger.

NEWSFLASH: It doesn't.

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