It's a good thing that we love clowns so much. Oh, wait. We don't love clowns? That's too bad, because our favorite clown motel in Nevada just got named the scariest place to sleep in America.

If you've ever driven through Tonopah, Nevada, you know the place I'm talking about. The Clown Motel was named by SimpleMost as the scariest motel in America.

The interesting thing about Tonopah is that, for such a tiny town, there are a ton of things you can do there. I find it funny that even the official Tonopah tourism video includes The Clown Motel featured prominently. Hilarious.

I think the website The Line-Up actually captured what makes this hotel so scary. It's not just the fact that there are clowns (some with razor-sharp teeth) everywhere. It's the proximity to the old Tonopah cemetery that seals the deal. At night, you do not want to be in a clown motel across from a cemetery. That's science.

If you need a good laugh (or scare), the reviews of The Clown Motel on Yelp are hilarious. Lots of people have had lots of experiences there and that doesn't include their opinions on how hard the mattresses are.

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