STORY UPDATED FOR CLARITY - Twin Falls fans of the restaurant have nothing to worry about as Outback Steakhouse has no plans to close in the Magic Valley. You can still get your delicious steak, shrimp, and bloomin' onions at the restaurant near the Perrine Bridge. Other state locations include Idaho Falls, Boise, and Nampa.

ORIGINAL STORY REGARDING HAWAIIAN RESTAURANT CLOSURES - Outback Steakhouse has closed its remaining three Hawaiian restaurants and no longer is represented in the Aloha State. The news broke roughly 48 hours ago and was reported on by several national sources including The chain is currently headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

The restaurants closing in another state made me wonder what would happen if the restaurant closed in Idaho. I've dined at the Twin Falls location numerous times. Many people I know also eat there regularly, and a few were saddened to hear of the Hawaiian closures. Idaho still has four locations of the popular Aussie-themed restaurant, and I recently spoke to a couple of Twin Falls residents and asked them what they thought of the news.

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"Seriously?" This was one response I got from a regular to the Blue Lakes Boulevard North location. The thought of the local steakhouse closing reminded her of her late brother and the good times they've had eating there going as far back as 2010. She has fond memories of having a Gingerbread Martini with her brother at a location in Las Vegas shortly before he passed away in a car accident.

Her son chimed in as well when I brought up the closures in Hawaii. He's a big fan of the Coconut Shrimp entree. The Walaby Darned is also a drink that brings family and friends together at the Twin Falls location.

The string of steakhouse closures in the island state has sent shockwaves through surrounding communities and appeared to come out of nowhere this week.

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