Puppies are adorable. The end.

Not really the end though because there has been an outbreak of sickness according to the Center For Disease Control, and it comes from playing with puppies. The sickness isn't heartbreak because you can't take all the puppies home, though that is a thing, it's a pretty serious infection called Campylobacter jejuni. The infection has been reported in 13 states and has affected at least 30 people. The infection is resistant to multiple drug cures and symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever. The symptoms last about a week and those infected usually recover without need for antibiotics, according to CNN Health. A few of those cases reported required hospitalization but no deaths have been reported.

The majority of the cases reported by the CDC were caused by puppies at pet stores. The best way to avoid being infected is to stay away from puppies, but sometimes you just have to pet the puppies so wash your hands thoroughly after puppy interaction. The CDC also recommends that you don't let your dogs lick your mouth or any open wounds on your body. They also recommend that if you have a puppy in your home that when they have accidents you clean it immediately with bleach and water.

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If the CDC report scares you from wanting to touch puppies for a while, check out this infection-free video of dogs picking out a new chew toy for Christmas. It is so cute when they find a toy they love.

You can also always check out the cats and dogs at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to find an adorable furry friend. Their latest Facebook gallery has a bunch of great dogs in need of forever homes.

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