The adorable pet video of the week goes to a YouTube channel that specializes in connecting humans with dogs. An area pet lover recently found herself surrounded by a liter of new puppies, and they are being modeled on YouTube.

I thought you might want to start your work week off with a cute animal video. Well, did I come across just the thing Monday morning on the YouTube channel of Petzlover. The clip might only be five-seconds long, but it leaves a lasting impression on the watcher. It was uploaded April 24, 2021, from the channel that has over 13,000 subscribers.

The breed featured in the post are Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and they're just a tad cute. Apparently, they can be found locally, and are up for sale. As far the cost, you'll want to send a message via the YouTube channel to get more information. The Petzlover site also warns people not to send direct payments on the Internet, or give out any personal financial information. Always make sure to arrange to meet those who are selling animals for confirmation. 

For those not familiar with this breed, they are described as "clever, brave and tenacious," according  to the American Kennel Club, and usually live between 12 and 14 years. If I didn't already own a crotchety, 12-year-old English Bulldog that doesn't take to other animals (or humans) well, I might look into getting one of these guys.

Again, for those wanting more information, just post a comment or get contact information from the Petzlover website. The first step would be to schedule a time to go and meet the owner to take a look at the puppies for yourself.

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