A voluntary recall is underway from the makers of a widely-sold, popular salsa dip in the United States. As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, U.S. salsa consumers are being asked to check recently purchased holiday barbeque items for the red-flagged jars that may be a health hazard for those allergic to dairy.

The Fourth of July holiday is one week from Tuesday, and many Idahoans have already been stashing supplies in cupboards and pantries of their homes for planned gatherings. Recently, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration published details regarding the voluntary recall/allergy alert issued by Frito-Lay.

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Frito-Lay is recalling U.S. shipments of its 15 oz. Tostitios Avocado Salsa due to the mislabelling of jars that failed to list milk as an allergen. Those with dairy allergies are at risk for potential illness should the contents of these jars of salsa be consumed.

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FDA; Frito-Lay

The recalled salsa jars were available for public purchase back in April, 2023, and would still be suitable for consumption presently. No other Tostitios products were included in the voluntary recall, according to the FDA.

The 15 oz., glass jars that are being singled out in the recall have the universal product code (UPC) barcode of 05597 printed on them, and a best buy date of 2 Nov 23 and 3 Nov 23 stamped on the upper rim of the jar.

Those who would like more information concerning the recall can contact the Frito-Lay customer support line at 800-352-4477.

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