More than 30 tons of packaged raw turkey have been recalled by a producer in North Carolina. Concerns over exposure to a potentially fatal bacteria was found to be the cause.

Butterball released the March 13 announcement that a limited number of raw turkey packages that reportedly were in storage for a length of time exceeding nine months, could have the potential to expose consumers to Salmonella. The amount of raw turkey recalled totaled more than 70,000 pounds.

Illnesses with expected ties to the tainted product have been reported in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The company is encouraging those who have the product containing a sell-by-date of July 26, 2018, to dispose of the meat. A number of Kroger Brand Fresh Ground Turkey packages are also included in the recall.

Salmonella Schwarzengrund is a bacteria that is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. Anyone who believes they have fallen ill due to the consumption of these specific brands of raw turkey, can call 800-288-8372.

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