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Amazingly, it took just one Idaho Republican to unite the factions in his party.  Or on one issue.  Governor Brad Little isn’t making any friends among Republican State Legislators.  The same can be said for Republicans serving in county and local governments.  The local people tell me they were sorely disappointed in March when they learned of the first stay-at-home order through news media.

Apparently, it was the same for members of the State House and Senate.  It seems no elected members of government outside the Executive Branch were consulted. 

During recent conference calls it’s also difficult for 105 legislators to share their constituent’s pain.  I can imagine it’s much the same for local and county governments.

While this hasn’t been as heavy-handed as Michigan, you’ll notice speaking out against the Governor’s orders draws opprobrium.  One sinister former legislator backs the Governor’s denial of due process and destruction of businesses and the economy.  The sweetheart has been so kind to point out my counterparts in Idaho Falls are no longer on-air.  As if to suggest I need to watch what I say.

No wonder some are making comparisons to the rise of the Third Reich!

State Representative Dorothy Moon from District 8 surprised us with a telephone call during Magic Valley this morning.  She explained reaching the Governor with the tales of distress isn’t easy.  If I could make an analogy, Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.  You can hear our short discussion with Dorothy Moon by clicking on the YouTube video below.

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