After millions of miles flown, and billions of gifts safely delivered to children all over the world, we've received word that Santa Claus has safely made it back to his village in the North Pole.

It was Tuesday night (December 24) about 9:15 p.m., in Twin Falls, when my wife and I checked the NORAD tracker and learned that Santa had been spotted on the East Coast of the United States. So, we got our 4-year-old son into bed and told him he needed to get to sleep asap, or risk the big man skipping our house all together. My 18-year-old daughter is spending the holidays in California, so we only had our boy Jasper to get situated.

While I don't have an official time as to when Santa passed through Twin Falls Tuesday night, I'm guessing it was between 10 and 11 in the evening. My son woke up Christmas morning and said he heard Santa on the roof, and that he said, "Merry Christmas," when he took off with his reindeer. According to the tracker, Santa delivered 7, 574, 576, 003, so apparently, most children were so good in 2019 that they got multiple gifts each.

Our Christmas was great. Santa was kind enough to get the family and brand new X-box, along with five games. My son's wish to Santa at the Magic Valley Mall was for a remote controlled helicopter, which he also got. So, I hope you all had a great Christmas, and enjoyed the company of those that are nearest and dearest to you.

Happy Holidays Idaho!

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