Tis the season for scammers attempting to infiltrate hard-working Americans' savings accounts. Many Idahoans have been warned already about various December scams that have been crashing bank accounts and putting spending at a standstill, and now we are being alerted on our smartphones by bogus postal notifications.

Just a few days ago, many of us got word of a gift card scam that is victimizing Americans on a daily basis. These thieves are removing the scratch-off formulas from these cards, logging the pin codes, and covering their tracks by re-applying the easily accessible coating product. Once they have that information, the pre-paid cards people are buying for holiday gifts are drained and useless.

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We are all waiting for package deliveries right now. I've got eight to 10 boxes of product moving in various trucks all over the United States. I get an update alert every two hours through email, and it's hard to keep all these notifications separate. Missed delivery notifications are also common, but in December in particular, some of these are fishing emails just waiting for the right person to click a bogus link.

I've had discussions with others in Twin Falls who have received these shady, postal alerts. The message is pretty similar in every case. The alerts pop up on your phones and inform a person that an attempted delivery was unsuccessful. A link is usually provided to click on for additional information pertaining to the package. This is when you need to pump the brakes and delete the email. Once you click these links, you are letting the scammers in.

Be careful this holiday season, and report any suspicious emails. Delivery companies such as FedEx will not ask anyone to click any link for updates.

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