Twin Falls parents are extremely frustrated with the bus system in Twin Falls. Some parents reported that their children aren't getting home until after 6pm. Karen Stuart wrote on Facebook

I saw a bus drop a family of children off at a home at 6 tonight. That means they were on that bus for 3 hours. That is a heck of a long time.

Other mothers have gotten phone calls informing them that their child got off at the wrong stop, or got on the wrong bus. This is terrifying to parents and children.

With two new elementary schools, new bus routes, more kids and the same amount of buses it's not surprising that things aren't running smoothly.

The question is, who's responsibility is it to make sure kids are getting on the right bus and off at the right bus stop? Is it the bus drivers responsibility, or is the parents and students responsibility?

Something that we can all agree on is that no parent wants to get a phone call informing them that their child has been lost or dropped off at the wrong stop.

What do you think the solution to this problem is?

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