Idahoans like fast food.  It's just one of two states where the number one choice for dinner comes from a burger or chicken joint.  Our cousins to the south in a place called Utah share the same preference.  The Washington Post is reporting on some research that claims the more chain restaurants per capita in a region, the more people support Donald Trump!

We may like fast food, but the Post also says we have a limited variety compared to other states where Trump has won larger voter totals.  The deep south and Midwest have more options when it comes to chain restaurants.

Isn't the research somewhat obvious?

We have more pickup trucks, and our music tastes are vastly different from Boston and San Francisco.  If an Idahoan were to drink an alcoholic beverage, it's likely beer.  In San Francisco, it's probably Cabernet.  If we drink pop, they drink sparkling water.  We knew who Loretta Lynn was, and they didn't.

Trump's appeal was made for flyover counties and working people.  Joe Biden is a placeholder for the next Merlot sipper whom his party nominates.

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite restaurants for the buffet.  There was a renovation since my last visit and now the joint has table clothes!  At least the napkins are still paper.

Oh, and the people behind the research say the places where most people commute to work also correlate to more votes for Trump in past elections.  Think about it for a moment, you can't go through the drive-through on a subway train!


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