The Visit Idaho people must really love Twin Falls. We get featured in their promotional videos all the time. A new one has just been released, but it's a bit different from the others.

The Bro'd Trip (love the name) were apparently shown some love by the tourism people as they were treated to an adventure around Idaho. Here's their description from their YouTube channel.

We had the chance to experience Idaho like we never knew possible. Thanks to Visit Idaho for introducing us to some of the gems found in The Gem State. This included rafting, sand boarding, kayaking, river surfing, beer tasting and more!
If you think all Idaho has is potatoes, you're wrong...although their potatoes are great too!

At first, I thought we were being left out of this one. Their journey starts in what appears to be the Hell's Canyon area, then they make their way to St. Anthony Sand Dunes, do some river surfing in Boise and finally arrive under the Perrine.

They cap off their video with a stunning view from beneath Shoshone Falls.

Even though we live here, we'd love it if the Visit Idaho people would show us some love and send us on a trip. What say you, Visit Idaho?

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