From kindergarten through the eighth grade, lunchtime was the only part of the school day I remember really looking forward to. Growing up in the eighties, school lunches weren't all that fancy, but one item always seemed to brighten my academic experience.

In these current times of mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, and social distancing at the school lunch table, what's on the menu for the day could really turn a miserable food break into something rewarding and uplifting. We used to get our school menu for the month mailed to us ahead of time so my parents could choose which days they were gonna send me with a bagged meal. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, trail mix, pudding, apple sauce, and bologna sandwiches were the main combinations I recall eating during these years of my life.

The one item I loved the most growing up was chocolate milk. School staff used to leave a stack of chocolate milk right outside the classroom door. There were ways we as students could earn an extra one during assignments. This is what drove me to be on my best behavior and stay laser-focused. We didn't have a crazy lunch lady slinging sloppy joe onto our plate like in Billy Madison, but I do remember getting some attitude from behind the line counter.

This brings me to my question for all of you. Is there one specific item either your parents packed you in a sack or lunchbox, or you got from your school cafeteria that you always looked forward to getting your hands on during your break?

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