When the snow falls and blankets the Magic Valley in a beautiful covering of white, it's nice to enjoy it from the comfort of your home. But, when that snow falls and you have to go out into it to shovel your sidewalk, it can seem much less beautiful. Today is one of those days.

Twin Falls Law Says You Have to Shovel

People on a local Rants and Raves group for Twin Falls have been debating the legalities of not shoveling the snow from their sidewalks after a storm. There are people on both sides claiming that you do or do not have to do it. Some say they know for a fact that you do not have to clear your walks and others swear that you have to remove the snow and make the sidewalk accessible. So, who's right? Twin Falls code 7-5-1 (A) says you have to remove snow, ice, and rubbish. So, the law says that you have to shovel the snow:

Every owner, tenant or occupant of the premises abutting or adjoining any sidewalk or alley in the City shall be required to remove all snow, ice and rubbish from any such sidewalks and all rubbish from such alleys.

Shovel the Snow from Your Sidewalks Twin Falls or Face a Possible Fine

As with all choices, you can choose the other option but that could come with a fine from the city. If they decide to clear the snow for you, they'll charge you for the work:

Should any owner, tenant or occupant of premises abutting or adjoining any sidewalk in the City fail or neglect to remove such snow or ice from the sidewalk, then said City by its proper officers or employees may remove such snow or ice and assess the cost of such removal against the adjoining and abutting premises and the same shall be a lien thereon.

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Shovel the Snow From Your Sidewalks Twin Falls

Bottom line: you do have to shovel the snow from your sidewalks in Twin Falls or you could face a penalty fine from the city.

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