The USDA has just announced another food recall. The good news is that it does not affect a wide variety of items. The bad news is that it does include salads that have been shipped to Idaho retail locations. If you have allergies to shellfish, you need to know this.

This recall is due to mislabeling. It affects the following product.

  • 9-OZ. Plastic clamshell with clear lid containers of “TRADER GIOTTO’S CAESAR SALAD WITH CHICKEN BREAST” bearing plant number P-17156 and “USE BY 06/28” on the label.

The problem with this salad is the top label is correct but the bottom one isn't. But, the bigger issue is the label normally includes the disclosure that it may contain a trace of shellfish, but this product does not.

We should be used to this by now. If you normally buy this product, check your fridge and compare the label to this item number.

I'll say it again. There has never been a recall of hot fresh donuts.