It's been awhile, so you had to figure we were due to have someone else post videos of alleged UFO's over Idaho. If that was your wish, this is a good day for you.

The YouTube channel "Strange Events" just shared a video that's barely over 30 seconds in length. The first time I watched it, I couldn't tell if they were UFO's or if there was some dust on my laptop screen.

But, after seeing this description on their YouTube channel, I can rest assured this video is real.

This Channel Just Publish Real UFOS And Aliens Videos

That's good, cause I was real concerned this was another one of those fake UFO things going on. Just kidding. Here's your tin foil hat back.

This video is very recent according to the upload date, having been shared last month. As with all of these sorts of things, use your own discernment and let us know if you see Mulder and Scully anywhere around the Magic Valley.

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