There's no doubt people have been seeing strange objects in the skies above southern Idaho for decades. From orbs to Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, and even prehistoric birds, numerous Gem State claims of unexplained sightings are reported annually to national monitoring agencies.

I have to admit that in my years living in the Magic Valley and exploring southern Idaho, I have seen some objects in the sky that have baffled me. I was returning from a camping trip in 2020 when I saw a very bright, fast-moving object streaking across the sky above Kimberly Road. It wasn't a meteor, and the object has left me wondering what I witnessed ever since.

Dozens of incidents throughout the state of Idaho have been reported to websites such as the National UFO Reporting Center in recent years. So far in 2022, information on state sightings hasn't been updated yet, but last year was very active as far as UFO reports. More than 60 reports were filed with the NUFORC in 2021 for Idaho.

YouTube is also a great source for amateur UFO sightings as well, and most don't make it on the NUFORC database. A February 13, 2022, video was shared by a Pocatello resident that shows what appears to be a bright object moving slowly in the sky just before sunset. The man comments in the video that he believes the object to be a "spy satellite."

The last report published by the NUFORC for Idaho was shared in November of 2021 near the city of Boise.

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