Do you ever find yourself watching stuff on YouTube and you can't figure out why? That's my situation as I have watched a video of Idaho rain in slow motion several times for no reason whatsoever.

I blame YouTuber Zidana for my time lost. It's a very simple video. It's rain in Idaho and (*ahem*) that's really it. For some reason, she slows the video down at the 3 second mark and I can't stop watching.

Here are some possible theories why I sat through this:

  • I'm bored
  • We haven't had rain in a while and I want to remember what it's like
  • Slow-motion stuff fascinates me
  • It reminds me of my neighbor's sprinkler before he kicks it to TURBO
  • All of the above

Let's go with that last one. All of those factors probably played a part in the "why" part of me watching slow motion Idaho rain.

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