TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)  The traditional start of the camping season is less than two weeks away and southern Idaho forest officials say most campsites are ready to go with some exceptions. The Sawtooth National Forest is encouraging people to get out and camp during the Memorial Day weekend, but is warning potential campers to be aware some areas may be closed because of lingering snow and wet conditions. Also, most campsites in southern Idaho are first come, first served with some that are available for reservation through or 877-444-6777. The SNF also has Motor Vehicle Use Maps available that show which roads are good to use and which areas are off limits to motorized travel.  People are asked to stay off wet and muddy roads so as not to damage them.

Another important reminder for visitors this weekend is to be sure to put your campfire out when leaving your campsite for the day or for the weekend.  There are many places on the forest at the lower elevations that are very dry, so ensure that your campfire is dead out before leaving the site.

Plus, campers are encouraged to take their own water and be prepared to pack out their own trash just in case some campsites do not have full service.

The following is a list of campsites available in the Sawtooth National Forest system:

Minidoka Ranger District

*Campground fees will be in effect unless otherwise noted below. Bring drinking water and provisions for packing trash back home.

  • South Hills
  • Schipper, Steer Basin, Lower and Upper Penstemon, Porcupine Springs, Diamondfield Jack and the north end of FS Flats campgrounds are open.
  • 3rd Fork and Bear Gulch are open – No fees.
  • Contact the Minidoka Ranger District prior to heading to Father and Son and Bostetter Campground for current snow drift conditions.
  • Roads and Trails are wet so we encourage users to stay on designated roads and trails to prevent damage.
  • Public drinking system may not be operational.
  • Sublett
  • Sublett and Mill Flat Campgrounds are open – No fees.
  • South Heglar Pass and North Heglar Pass are open for travel.
  • Raft River (Northern Utah)
  • Clear Creek Campground and dispersed campground sites upstream from Clear Creek Campground are open.  No fees.
  • One Mile Summit is open, stay on designated roads and trails to prevent damage.
  • Albion
  • Bennett Spring Campground is open. – No fees.
  • Campgrounds Lake Cleveland, Thompson Flats, Twin Lakes and all trailheads are closed due to snowdrifts.
  • Independence Trailhead is closed due to snow.
  • Road to the top of Mt. Harrison not opened beyond the Pomerelle Ski Area. 
  • Oakley – Elba Road is open.
  • Independence Trailhead is not accessible.
  • FS Road 728 is closed due to snow.

Current road and trail conditions can be obtained by calling the Minidoka Ranger District at 208-678-0430.

Ketchum Ranger District

  • Boundary Campground will be open with full service.

o   Full services are available at Boundary Campground.

o   Fees will be charged - $10/night single unit.

o   The District will enforce dog leash and dog waste pickup regulations at Boundary. Campground, Adams Gulch and Trail Creek Trailhead.

Current trail conditions for the Ketchum Ranger District can be found at:


Sawtooth National Recreation Area

All of the following campgrounds will be open with full service.

  • Wood River Valley
  • Murdock
  • Caribou
  • Wood River
  • Easley (some sites are flooded due to high water) 
  • Alturas Lake Complex 
  • Pettit
  • Smokey Bear Campground
  • Alturas Inlet
  • North Shore
  • Tent Sites
  • Redfish Lake Complex
  • All Redfish Campgrounds will be open except Redfish Inlet
  • Salmon River Campgrounds east of Stanley
  • Salmon River
  • Casino Creek
  • Riverside (river side only)
  • Mormon Bend
  • Upper and Lower O’Brien
  • Whiskey Flats will be open June 15
  • Holman will be open June 15
  • Stanley Lake
  • Stanley Lake
  • Stanley Lake Inlet

Highway 21 west of Stanley

  • Sheep Trail
  • Trap Creek
  • Elk Creek is Closed
  • Grandjean

All dump stations will be opened.  Roads opened May 1, 2015 may continue to be partially closed due to snow and wet conditions. Current conditions for the Sawtooth National Recreation Area can be obtained at 208-727-5013. 

Fairfield Ranger District

Roads over Couch, Fleck and Wells Summits are open.  Dollarhide Summit is still closed and other higher elevation roads may be closed due to the fact they are snow covered and inaccessible.

Forest Service Road #227 between Skeleton Creek and Bowns Creek Campground remains closed due to multiple debris slides and washouts.

Buttercup Roads #418 and #418A as well as Hunter Creek Road #055 are also closed due to washouts. 

Campgrounds are open and are on a first come first serve basis.  Please bring drinking water and trash receptacles as some campgrounds do not provide these amenities.  There is a fee for these campgrounds:

  • Chaparral
  • Abbott
  • Baumgartner – CLOSED (check the Forest website and Sawtooth Facebook page for status updates)
  • Bird Creek
  • Canyon Transfer Camp
  • Bowns
  • Willow Creek

The following campgrounds are open with no fees:

  • Five Points
  • Bear Creek Transfer Camp
  • Pioneer Campground – Limited sites open due to flood damage
  • Willow Creek Transfer Camp
  • Hunter Transfer Camp


Trail Closures

  • Deadwood Creek Trail #054
  • Expect to encounter snow and downed trees on most trails.  Trails have not been cleared yet.

The Fairfield Ranger District can be reached at 208-764-3202 for information regarding campgrounds, roads and trails.

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