Idaho is awesome. It doesn't matter the season: Idaho wins. Sure, summer weather is usually a preferable climate for people but even in a harsh Idaho winter you can still have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Just remember to bundle up.

The Best Winter Activities In Idaho

I love sledding, skiing, and snowboarding but one winter activity I have never done is snowmobiling. It looks like a ton of fun and a great way to play in the snow. I just came across a video posted to YouTube from the BoondockNation channel. These guys took their sleds up to Fairfield and tore it up on the mountain.

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Now I really want a snowmobile!

One Reason To Be Excited For Winter In Idaho

I don't own a snowmobile, but after seeing this I want one!

It is kind of crazy that while watching these guys play on their snowmobiles in the snow, on a most likely cold day, it doesn't look cold. It looks like a perfect day to be out in Idaho when you watch the video.

Do you snowmobile? Is it as fun as these guys make it look even if I can't do any cool tricks?

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