You thought BASE jumping was Twin Falls favorite extreme hobby? Nope. We have a brand new one and it's called losing Internet access. Welcome to the party.

I feel weird writing about this...on the Internet (which you may or may not have right now), but our web access has been somewhat unreliable lately. I will not shame any particular company, but let's just say that some Internet providers need to go stand in the corner for a few minutes and think about what they've done.

You might want to bookmark this page on your phone. It's a site called Down Detector. It will show you who has Internet and who doesn't. No matter who your provider is, this site is generally pretty accurate telling you who has an outage.

Considering how unreliable our Southern Idaho Internet has been, I'm considering getting a butter churn to keep handy so I can be useful next time someone cuts a wire. At least then I can get something done.

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