Studies like this make you question why Presidents are decided by the Electoral College. You would like to think that everyone's vote counts the same, no matter what state they live in. Unfortunately, that's not the way it work and it translates into a belief that votes in Idaho don't carry as much weight as other states.

Wallet Hub broke the voting data down and the news isn't good for us in the Gem State. Idaho ranks #39 in their voter power rankings.

Source: WalletHub

I get the Electoral College debacle. But, I question that a person that is in a swing state carries more clout than us. Maybe this is my pride speaking, but if most of the people of Idaho don't vote, who's to say that this wouldn't become a swing state also?

If this study is correct, good news for our friends in Nevada as they're ranked at #6.

Maybe it's good news for Idaho after all. Iowa is rated as the #2 most powerful voter state. And, since most people think Iowa is Idaho anyway - well, you get the idea.

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