Damien Walters is the man -- the stuntman, that is.

The Hollywood stuntman -- he ably filled in for Daniel Craig in the James Bond feature Skyfall -- took his skills to a whole new level in this video in which he does a backflip while a speeding Formula E car comes barreling at him.

Walters had to work hard to time the flip just right or else he ran the risk of being flattened like roadkill.

The car came at him at about 60 miles per hour and if you can't wait to see the flip, just zip ahead to the 2:45 mark. However, we recommend watching before that to see Walters try to figure out how to do it because it's pretty amazing.

Walters had half a dozen people working with him to help make the jump and said it was no easy task. "It took two days of practicing and timing the jump perfectly to make sure that I was able to clear the car safely,” he told The Huffington Post. "As the dangers were obvious, it was very important that we worked with trained professionals and why it should never be attempted by anyone else."

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