You've probably seen one of these before. Now, we have designed one for YOU Twin Falls. Let us know if you've done any of the following, and give yourself $10 for each thing you've done. Don't forget to add your total score!

Here's the survey: (Each true response earns you $10)

Have you ever...

1. Been ticketed for speeding on Kimberley Road? ($10)

2. Had the nachos at the Ground Round? ($10)

3. Watched the sun set from the Perrine Bridge lookout? ($10)

4. Been to the Orpheum Theatre this year? ($10)

5. Had an Oreo Cookie Blizzard at DQ? ($10)

6. Walked the Canyon Trail? ($10)

7. Had O'Dunken's Clam Chowder? ($10)

8. Snuck your own snacks or drinks into the Magic Valley Cinemas? ($10)

9. Watched a base jumper complete the Perrine Bridge jump? ($10)

10. Posted on Twin Falls/Magic Valley Rants & Raves? ($10)

11. Eaten a cordial cherry at Death By Chocolate? ($10)

12. Seen the movie "Breakfast of Champions?" ($10)

13. Played Frisbee Golf at CSI? ($10)

14. Had surgery at St Lukes? ($10)

15. Bowled at strike at a Twin Falls' bowling alley? ($10)

16. Had the "Las Vegas" at Sushi Ya? ($10)

17. Gotten sunburnt at Dierkes Lake? ($10)

18. Played golf at Canyon Springs Golf Course? ($10)

19. Gone to a Twin Falls' high school drama production? ($10)

20. Had the "Wallaby Darned" at Outback Steakhouse? ($10)

Now, add your score, and let us know how you did. Thanks for playin!

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