It has been a long time since I have dated. I can't remember if I lied to my husband on our first date. I would like to think that I was very honest, but after knowing that 61% of people admit that they lie on the first makes me question what I told him.

According to Daily Mail, the most common lie that women tell is about how old they are . . . they usually shave off three to five years.  They're also much more likely than men to lie about their NAME . . . possibly to avoid Facebook stalking or more serious stalking.

The most common lie that men tell is about how much money they make . . . on average they try to seem like they're about 20% richer than they actually are.

If the date turns into a serious relationship the lies have to stop at some point. 44% of people say they come clean by the third date. The other 22% willl wait until after they say, "I love you" . . . 9% wait until MARRIAGE . . . and 25% NEVER tell the truth until they get caught.



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