It's impossible to express the extreme joy that I have when I get to say the following to you: the new Snake t-shirts are here and they're the definition of awesomeness.

Why the excitement over new t-shirts? Several reasons actually. First, we haven't had new shirts in quite awhile. Second, they're a really killer shade of grey. Third, we are easily entertained.

Here's the deal. These t-shirts do you no good whatsoever if you don't have one, so we're gonna work on fixing that problem starting in February. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website as we have big plans to giveaway tons of shirts. OK, so maybe "tons" is a weird way to refer to shirts, but whatever.

Bottom line is we want these shirts on you soon. As Steve Martin once said in the movie "The Jerk", it's this kind of free publicity that makes people!

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