I hate writing what is basically just a rant. But, from all reports through our Facebook page and from eyewitnesses, the train going through Twin Falls today broke its own record for being a pain in the butt.

I will happily admit that I know nothing about driving a train. I have no doubt that a qualified engineer and/or railroad worker can correct me when I say that going forward and backing up over an intersection FIFTY TIMES is crazy. But, around 4 pm today, there was at least a 20 minute wait from everyone we heard from. Admittedly, there were no Olympic timers present to make sure this was accurate, but I saw pictures of the line of cars that extended just about every direction through several blocks of stop lights.

The person on our staff that snapped this picture also saw at least a dozen vehicles actually do u-turns and try to figure out a different route that didn't have a train blocking it.

The funny part of this is I love trains. I've been fascinated with them since childhood. But, that was way before I lived on the wrong side of Shoshone Street.

Just to prove that I want to be a good sport about this, here's a dedication to you, train people. Enjoy some Tom Petty, courtesy of me. You are welcome.

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