Since it's the middle of the week, you may be a little stressed right now. That's understandable. If that's your situation, these Idaho timelapse videos might help mellow you out.

One thing we do not lack for in Idaho is scenery. Very, very awesome things to look at. It's funny how much better they get when you just sit there and stare at them over a long period of time. Or, maybe I'm just easily entertained. Likely.

One of my go-to places for relaxing thoughts is Stanley. This timelapse is quite nice.

Or, maybe you're a star person. If so, try this timelapse of the Milky Way over Idaho. Spacey.

If you're a little more adventurous, this Idaho rock climbing video is well done.

I have to admit that last one kinda stressed me out. Back to that scary thing called reality now. Hope a few of these might have eased your nerves just a little bit.

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