As a fellow snorkeler, I can say that one of the best things about the hobby is finding the occasional lost treasure. A diver recently pulled a very attractive Apple Watch from the depths of Dierkes Lake.

I've been snorkeling since I was in my teens. My two greatest experiences to date dawning the mask and flippers were in Stingray City, on Grand Cayman Island, and Oahu's Hanauma Bay, where some of the most exotic fish you'll ever see call home.

My greatest find to date has been a pristine, beautifully-colored conch shell, that I plucked from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea in 2014. It currently sits atop our piano. Aside from that, I've been on the losing end of valuables in bodies of water all over the country. A $200 watch I got for Christmas over a decade ago still sits at the bottom of Lake Wildwood, in northern California. Finders keepers...right.

In an August 20 post on the Youtube channel of one HackVenture Life, a diver filming his adventures at Dierkes Lake, which includes some great below and above water footage, finds an Apple Watch. The video is 4:20 in length, with the treasure pull coming 2:09 in.

Does this watch look familiar? If so, remember, "To the Victor Go the Spoils." Maybe he'll be cool enough to return it, if it already hasn't been pawned or cleaned up, and given to his girlfriend.

Congratulations to this guy. The thrill of the find might be more valuable than this style of watch, but I doubt it, seeing as your average starter Apple Watch rings in at around $250. Let's hope this one is waterproof, and not water resistant.


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