I have pretty high standards when it comes to swan videos. So, it's pretty major stuff when I say that I've found what may be the best Idaho swan video you'll ever see. But, I believe that's the deal here.

This video was shared by Tim Brockish on Vimeo. I'll let you behold all the Idaho swan glory, then I'll explain.

This is actually a very cool thing. According to Tim, he was a part of a project to help bury power lines near where he lives. The Trumpeter Swans live there, too and the power lines were not a good thing for their swan way of life.

If you're not familiar with the Trumpeter Swan, they honk like some of the Prius cars that you hear on Blue Lakes when tiny drivers get ticked off.

I must admit that I was a little alarmed when I looked at an Idaho Fish and Game document that claimed the Trumpeter Swans were herbivorous, until I learned that's just plants. Whew!

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