Nothing in life makes the Chickster happier than his beloved Washington Redskins, which is why we've not been able to get him out of the studio since he found out his hero, former 'Skins QB Joe Theismann would be joining us. It's no surprise Chick has a huge man-crush on Theismann, he's only one of the all time greats in franchise history. He lead the team to two [BIG GAME WINS], winning one, was named to the Pro-Bowl twice, NFL MVP once and owns most of the Redskins passing records. And though we're sure Joe will be happy to talk about football, he's also here to remind guys of the importance of having their prostate checked. Hey, what do you know, there's something else he and Chick have in common.

Then you'll get more NFL!

Costaki Economopoulos

Costaki Economopoulos will be in with another NFL Econo-monologue.

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