I generally don't read financial reports online. That whole "not being good at math" thing always interferes. But, for once, I did read a Yahoo Finance report and learned a famous cafe may be coming to Twin Falls.

Yahoo Finance reported that Tropical Smoothie Cafe is scouting locations in Idaho and that includes Twin Falls. They are also considering other cities around the state, but the report says "locations" plural, so I would guess that means multiple locations in Idaho.

What is Tropical Smoothie Cafe all about? If you check out their website, you'll notice a big-time emphasis on nutrition, fresh food and flip-flops. Seriously, flip-flops.

Lately, we've had to pass along the news of numerous businesses closing. It would be nice to share news of one opening if Tropical Smoothie Cafe decides that Twin Falls will work for them. Check out the full Yahoo Finance report for all the juicy details. (pun intended)

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