One of the biggest concerns when we expect company for the holidays is the possibility of a plumbing nightmare occurring. There are some simple steps we can take with ingredients most of us already have in our homes to lower the risk of such a disaster.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, people are still going to gather for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. While my holiday gatherings will be much smaller than compared to a normal, pandemic-free season, I am still expecting family to arrive next week. Many of us will be getting our homes ready in the coming days for the arrival of company.

Maybe it's my lack of plumbing know-how, but I wasn't aware that flushing a home's kitchen sinks and toilets with salt prior to company arriving is an effective way to lesson the likelihood of a major plumbing headache. Our home, sadly, features just a single toilet. We don't have a garbage disposal either, so dishes are scraped off before going into the sink, which isn't a foolproof way to avoid clogs.

There a number of helpful videos online that walk homeowners through ways to prepare your home for the heavy usage of toilets and sinks that go hand in hand with holiday gatherings. Using salt, and sometimes a combination of other products like baking soda, can unclog an undiscovered source of blockage before the door knocks begin.

Knowing the amount of time certain members of my family spend in the bathroom (my brother), I think it's a good idea to take a preventative strike on my home's plumbing before he gets here.

Good luck Twin Falls hosts!

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