Having spent two decades living near Los Angeles where the 405 and 5 freeways were my junctions to work and the beach cities for which I spent my free time, I've witnessed some horrendous driving in my days. One particular intersection in Twin Falls takes me back to those days, where people behind the wheel just appear hasty, and totally discombobulated.

Southern California commuting is basically a series of near misses between impatient, highly-exasperated human beings, aiming tons of metal at one another. Since moving to Twin Falls from Sacramento in 2016, I have to say, the five-points intersection is about as bad as I've seen it.

I travel up and down Blue Lakes--between Filer and Park Avenue--usually four times a day during the work week. This week I had the closest call I have yet to encounter with drivers running red lights. Driving instructors teach us to wait for a moment when the lights turns green if you're the lead car at an intersection, and for good reason. This little piece of advise probably saves lives daily at the point where Blue Lakes, Addison Avenue and Shoshone Streets meet, for those who adhere to it.

Two motorists both ran red lights turning from Shoshone onto Blue Lakes North earlier this week. I was the lead car, and had I not waited, and looked in both directions before accelerating, it would have ended badly for the three of us. I had to brake abruptly not once, but twice, to avoid being plowed into. I see this everyday at five-points.

I think a great deal more citations need to be issued at five-points, and maybe that will help to spread the word to people that make a habit of blowing through that intersection with a complete disregard for drivers they share the road with.

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