There is one food group that stands above all the others. I'm talking about BBQ. Now, I have some great news for Twin Falls as one of our local watering holes was just called out as having the best BBQ sandwich in Idaho.

I'm not alone in my love for all things BBQ. Only In Your State is obviously also in the mood as they've just ranked the best BBQ sandwiches in Idaho. Which local establishment got the nod? Congrats to our friends at Twin Falls Sandwich Company for making the top 10.

Their BBQ creation which landed them this honor is called the Trough. This sandwich is filled with pulled pork, ham, onions and melted provolone (among other things) that has earned it some serious street cred in the BBQ community. (Yes, there is a BBQ community)

Twin Falls Sandwich Company is notorious for sharing pics of their sandwiches on their Facebook page. So, if you want to see what new BBQ creation is next, keep an eye on their page.

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