I'll give you two guesses, but you'll probably only need one. One of our Twin Falls restaurants just got named one of the 10 most wildly famous in Idaho. Oh, which one could it be?!?

Only In Your State had a food craving to determine which Idaho restaurants were famous and also worth the fuss. Out of all the incredible restaurants in Idaho, they ranked Elevation 486 at #3 in the entire state.

Elevation's location near the Snake River Canyon makes it an obvious candidate for this type of list. But, Only In Your State raved as much about the fancy food as they did the canyon view.

I don't intend this as an Elevation 486 commercial. It's not. Truth is I have eaten there maybe twice and that's because someone else (radio boss) was paying. I'm not nearly sophisticated enough to go there on my own without making the more proper people uneasy. That's my specialty. But, I will say that the couple times I did eat there, the food was epic.

And, the Snake River Canyon view on the patio didn't hurt either.

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