The upcoming school year is going to be different than any other previous year. In an attempt to prepare for the unexpected, the Twin Falls School District is looking to hiring substitute teachers. According to KMVT, the district is looking to get up to 80 new substitute teachers in addition to the current substitutes.

If you are currently working towards a career as a teacher, being a sub can give you a feel for the environment of being a teacher. Getting paid to help kids is a pretty nice bonus too. If you already have a Bachelor degree and want to substitute teach, the pay is $95 per day. With an Associates degree (or 48 college credits) you can earn $80 per day. Even without college education you can be eligible to substitute teach in certain situations. Full details on eligibility requirements in the job listing.

Teaching can be a rewarding career because you do get to help guide kids to a better future. A substitute teacher gets to be part of that adventure, and not always on a smaller scale than a regular teacher. I remember a number of my substitute teachers...and for a number of reasons.

I Junior High we had a band substitute who was amazing at drums so he would come in and just play drums for a bit (maybe to inspire us?) and then we'd do our regular songs.

My High School Spanish class substitute I remember because one day she brought in Indiana Jones with Spanish subtitles and we watched that over the two days she was there.

I also remember some subs would come in and try too hard to be cool instead of teach and that usually led to a loud chaotic classroom. Don't be the guy from an SNL skit:

If you want to be a sub and not just show up, but actually teach and help kids, apply with the district. There are a number of helpful videos online to help you organize yourself and prepare to teach.

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