In recent years, I've cut back on eating fried foods. Chicken wings, however, are a guilty pleasure of mine that I have to have at least twice a month, and there are two breweries within a two-hour drive from Twin Falls that serve some of the best in the entire Gem State.

I'm a pretty simple eater. I don't need fancy sauces, Michelin star plating, or blowtorched desserts to satisfy me. A tall, cold beer and a plate of wings will do me just fine.

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If I had to look back and choose a plate of buffalo wings that I consider to be the best I've ever had, then the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, California, is my hands-down winner. If you ever drive up the Northern California coast, I highly recommend you stop in and try them.

I've had some great wings while living in Idaho too. Not to take anything away from Magic Valley eateries, but when I crave really tasty, messy wings, there are two places not too far outside the city I head to. My first choice is the Warfield Distillery & Brewery in Ketchum, followed by Boise's Edge Brewing Company. Both locations are less than 130 miles from Twin Falls.

The Edge Brewing Company was highlighted by one travel website that raved about its wings, and having eaten them myself, I can vouch for them. My favorite spot in southern Idaho is the Warfield. They also have rooftop seating, so you get to devour some great wings and have a view of the mountains surrounding Ketchum at the same time, which might be even better than the food.

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