Southern Idaho has a number of pubs and restaurants that have a lot of character, as well as characters that routinely pull up a barstool. One saloon north of Twin Falls has quite the history and houses some very interesting artifacts and memorabilia.

A pub and a bar are two completely different things. Most bars don't serve food, whereas all pubs--by definition-- should provide munchies. I prefer pubs, and I've seen some very interesting decor hanging on the walls of many in southern Idaho.

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The type of atmosphere a pub offers could be enough alone to bring in repeat business. Some pubs have Western themes, sports themes, and music themes, and the junk that hangs on nails throughout can offer as much entertainment as the people who frequent these establishments. I appreciate an eclectic mix of crap to look at when I go out for a pint and some wings.

One spot that I believe tops all others in southern Idaho can be located 85 miles north of Twin Falls in Ketchum. The Pioneer Saloon is a special place. It's got a very cool history and was at one time a favorite watering hole for writer Ernest Hemingway, who died a local resident in 1961.

Several neat artifacts hang on the walls of the saloon, including a rifle once owned by Hemingway. The Hemingway Memorial Trail and gravesite are also a stone's throw from the establishment. I recommend visiting the saloon and bending the ear of the barkeep someday.

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