He better pack his lunch!

Remember, COVID got its first foothold in the Northwest near Seattle.  In nursing homes and it spread like wildfire.  As the State of Washington failed with containment, it soon reached Idaho.  Brought in some cases to Ketchum by tourists from Seattle.  Now it looks like Washington Governor Jay Inslee is ready to open a can of whoop-ass on us because some Delta variant patients are showing up at Spokane hospitals.  Is he planning on turning sick people away?  Remember as well, this man values trees, salmon and snails more than human beings!

As Inslee’s counterpart here has learned, Idahoans aren’t like the sheep of the Puget Sound.  Brad Little also can’t wrestle people down and jab them with the Pfizer vaccine.  As far as I know, Inslee also doesn’t have the power to force compliance.  And he wouldn’t have any luck in the Spokane and Yakima Valleys.

Here’s some news for you, COVID isn’t going away.  It’s a coronavirus, just like the other coronavirus varieties we call the common cold.  Over time, it should attenuate.  In other words, it won’t be nearly as vicious.  This isn’t an endorsement of COVID and it’s not endorsing the anti-vaccination movement.  I’m simply saying it’s now going to be part of what we call learning to adapt to our human condition.

I watched part of an address by President Biden.  He spoke about eradicating the virus.  You can listen to him by clicking here.  COVID isn’t going to be wiped out and the man knows better.  Even the dullest liberal knows it’s not going away.  Like other diseases and infections, we’ll be adaptive and learn how to manage.  All Inslee and Biden are doing is playing to their base.  It’s what we mean when we say the virus has become politicized.

Oh, and from what I’ve been reading the protection from vaccines may be much shorter in duration than we originally hoped. Some scientists argue natural immunity may be better in the long run, although.  There's clearly disagreement.  So much for settled science.  Not fun but nobody lives a pain free life.

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