Of all the parks I've visited in the United States, Yellowstone National Park has always been the one destination where I know the chance at having an interaction with wildlife is high. I speak from experience when I say witnessing charging bison is an intimidating and dangerous predicament to be in.

I recently returned home from a visit to Joshua Tree National Park in the Southern California desert. For the first time in my life, I bought an annual parks pass for $80, which is the way to go when you consider admission per vehicle is generally $30 and the pass allows you entrance to numerous U.S. parks. We have plans on buying a pop-up camper in the coming weeks and spending a good deal of 2022 visiting more of the country.

Several years ago, we took a snowmobile trip through Yellowstone National Park and I had the most unreal wildlife encounter. As the group of us were descending a snow-covered hill, we were met by a couple dozen bison who were quickly making their way in our direction. Prior to leaving the tour guide's office, we were briefed on what to do in such situations. All too often, people climb off their snowmobiles to get up close with these powerful animals.

Bison at Yellowstone Park: Photo by Greg Jannetta

Bison require a very wide birth and are known to charge when threatened. A video posted to YouTube recently shows just how these animals can get a bit possessive with space. I lost count at how many animals took part in this stampede, but I'm glad I wasn't one of the motorists that had to face this giant wave of 1,500-pound creatures.

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