I've seen some pretty big bison in my years of travels throughout Yellowstone National Park. A motorist passing through Hayden Valley recently shared incredible footage of one of the largest bovines I've ever seen, and more importantly, didn't attempt to take a selfie with the massive beast.

Yellowstone's Hayden Valley in Wyoming is located in the central portion of the park. It's a picturesque, 50-square mile region that is known for its numerous bison that lounge a few hundred feet off the roadway on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Large crowds of tourists routinely gather on the side of the roadway to get pictures, and often times park rangers assist with traffic control and supervise to make sure people are keeping a safe distance from the animals. Bears also frequently roam through the valley.

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A married couple got up close and personal with what appears to be a 2,000-pound bison while driving near the Buffalo-Ford Picnic Area. The only time I've spotted one this big in the park was on a snowmobile trip in 2008.

It's always refreshing to see tourists do the right thing when an animal crosses paths with them. Killing the car's engine and remaining quiet and calm is what tourists are supposed to do. Unfortunately, all too often, we see these interactions go south when people get out of their cars and follow these creatures for a picture. It's advised that visitors remain at least 100 yards from bears, wolves, bison, and other park wildlife, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

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