(This Video Contains Bad Language)

After lengthy discussions with several co-workers about this, we cannot for the life of us collectively, figure out what the hell this man is doing. This HAS to go down as the weirdest, most sloppy, alleged UFO sighting, ever recorded.

I'm guessing this guy had somewhere between three, and thirty-five hundred beers, prior to pointing his cellphone and hitting the record button. He even typed that he might have been "half drunk," when he produced the video. If this is him half-drunk, then a full-on drunk version of this man must be an absolute s#@^-show!

It's as if he's recording through a slat in the side of a barn. But, he does appear to capture something shoot vertically into the night sky. The man videotaping the occurrence is quick to identify it as "some weird s%$# going on in Idaho." If you're wondering what qualifies this man to make this assertion, he states in the video that he does have an understanding of "f^&%ing s$#@ with planets and s$#@!

That's good enough for me.


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