Another year of visitors to Yellowstone National Park so far has amounted to the same old buffoonery by tourists that just have to get that close-up photograph. 

I think officials at Yellowstone National Park should hang signs above the entrances reading, "Stupid is as stupid does." What is it about the planet's very first designated national park that attracts so many bungling oafs? As a frequent visitor to the park, it's a sight I've witnessed so many times I'm becoming desensitized.

A recent video shared to YouTube is another in a series of dumb moves made by human beings attempting to get friendly with wild animals. Yellowstone National Park is not a petting zoo. I love the caption of this video too, which reads "Dumbest animals in Yellowstone have two legs."

The video shows a man approaching an elk the size of Texas, with the intent I suppose of wowing his Facebook friends with an album of his trip memories. Many people are now taking these incredible risks to get selfies with these creatures. I still remember the dumbest video of 2020, when a woman got out of her car to get a picture with a massive Grizzly Bear.

Sadly, there's nothing we can do about these reoccurring incidents between animals and the feeble-minded. Ansel Adams continues to roll over in his grave. The best thing we can do as responsible park visitors is to stay clear of these people, and let nature take its course.

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Today these parks are located throughout the country in 25 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The land encompassing them was either purchased or donated, though much of it had been inhabited by native people for thousands of years before the founding of the United States. These areas are protected and revered as educational resources about the natural world, and as spaces for exploration.

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